Circular Fuels Limited

Delivering a world beyond fossil fuels for the hard-to-abate LPG and off-grid energy industry.

Dimeta is a joint venture between SHV Energy and UGI International, two global LPG distribution companies dedicated to scaling up the production and adoption of rDME in the LPG sector.

Circular Fuels Ltd (CFL), a subsidiary of Dimeta, is a partnership with KEW Technology focused on specialized project development of construction-ready renewable and recycled carbon DME production plants using KEW’s proprietary advanced gasification technology.

Waste Supply and pre-treatment (Up-Stream)

Plant Development (KEW’s) ACT and RenFuD’s DME synthesis) (Mid-Stream)

Renewable and recycled carbon DME commercialisation (Down-Stream)

De-fossilising off-grid energy

UK transition to net zero by 2050 requires decarbonisation of off-grid energy. Renewable and recycled carbon DME offers an attractive opportunity to decarbonise off-grid energy by utilising existing infrastructure and supply chains as a ‘drop-in’ fuel.

CFL’s next generation waste-to-energy project, advancing the production of renewable and renewable and recycled carbon DME.

CFL’s projects will use KEW’s proprietary advanced gasification, in combination with DME synthesis technology to convert residual waste to renewable and recycled carbon DME, thus creating a first of its kind (FOAK) plant.

Our Strategic Ambition

Contributing to the Dimeta target of 300kton/year renewable and recycled carbon DME production by 2027.

UK Late Stage Development

EU France - Site Selection Stage

USA State Selection Stage

Further Development And Information To Be Shared Early 2024

Further information will be launched in 2024 but you can find out more about Circular Fuels Ltd by downloading our Company Overview document here.

CFL Company Overview


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